Ia Manizhashvili

Reservation Manager

A graduate of Tbilisi State University and passionate about travel, Ia is always willing to help you choose the best accommodations anywhere in Georgia. A major in French literature, she has been inspired above all by the travel spirit of writer-traveler Le Clézio, that is why she believes that traveling is not only a way of discovering new countries, new cultures and civilizations but also the 'other self‘ of you. So Ia will be happy to help you find this ‘other self’ and feel at home at the same time.

Contact me
+995 557 52 10 70


Favorite circuit ?

Tracking tour in Svaneti.

The magic place in Georgia ?

Ushba mountain with his water falls.

A masterpiece created by Georgians ?

Georgian polyphony and alphabet.

One last favorite ?

Cave monastery Vardzia.

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