Naniko Khuskivadze

Marcketing and communication

Originally, tourism was not his main occupation, but the trip has always followed. By working on cultural sites in Georgia or Europe as art restorer, she spent weeks and months in different regions always near historical sites often in tents or with locals, who to know well the different regions and the customs of the premises.

In addition, she has worked extensively in different fields, such as technology, education, studying the culture of the medieval Georgia region now under Turkey ... After finishing her studies in France and returning to Georgia she has started again as a guide to keep relations with people from different countries and more with the French. His studies of art restoration help him to discover historical monuments to tourists from different sides trying to show them the original state of the sites.

Finally she finds herself in the Promethea Voyages team where she puts all her experiences in the development of different promotional resources, including the website and relationship with partners.


As the preferred circuit, Naniko recommends you find the time to visit South Georgia - the Meskheti region, where she worked herself on restoration work at important sites like Vardzia. It is one of the largest areas that has become the center of culture since the eighth century, from which begins the unification of Georgia in the X century and remains the important region for all its existence. Also here is the most important Georgian writer - Shota Rustaveli.

Part of this region is now under Turkey (Tao-Klarjeti). This is where you still have the chance to discover medieval historical monuments that have never been touched for renovation, have never been restored. Here you can discover a true connection between the cultures of Georgia and Byzantium.

Contact me
+995 551 51 57 82


Favorite trip?

Hiking in Caucasus.

The most unexpected event?
My arrival at Promethea.

A magic moment?
The first meeting with Khantsta.

The site where I spent more time?
Vardiza, as I was a participant in the restoration project.

The place where we see the most development of Georgian culture?
Gelati with his mural.

A most precious work of art created by Georgians?
Georgian writing.