PROMETHEA, like Prometheus, will always make you think about the Caucasus!

Promethea Voyages is a travel agency that was operating since 2000.  In 2010, the agency undergoes a rebranding and starts working under the current name.

PROMETHEA - this comes from Prometheus, the mythical titan who stole fire from the Gods of Olympos to offer to Men. And you are right if you think about the Caucasus! It was here that he was chained by the Gods to punish him.

We too, the team of Promethea, we will always make you think about the Caucasus: as the journey of your dream and as the best trip of your life.


A real experience!
It is a team working in the field of tourism 20 years ago. We remain hooked in the Caucasus, like Prometheus, and we do not tire of offering you circuits through this miraculous region.


Our team is present in all 3 countries of the Caucasus!
Prométhéa Voyages has its office in Tbilisi and its representatives in Yerevan and Baku. All travelers are welcomed on site by our teams, which is the assurance of a well-received service.

The team is French, English and Russian speaking. This allows us to better understand and respond to your expectations.


Selected partners!
Hotels and guest houses open daily in Georgia. Prométhéa Voyages selects the most suitable accommodation and services for the needs of its clientele.


Discover the Caucasus with Promethea Voyages!


Our Travel Designers