Why should visit Caucasus?

The Caucasus has always been a region out oh the ordinary. For millennia it has both a bridge and a refuge, a home to mountain clans and ancient peoples and a belt where empires and nomads clash. As late as the 20th century there were mountain men in Georgia wearing medieval tunics and wielding swords.

Like the Balkans, the tree nations of the Caucasus seem to have too much history for their modest territories. The region has splintered into three countries and several breakaway statelets since the death on the Soviet empire. The local economies are still recovering from the blow – besides wine from Georgia, cognac from Armenia and oil from Azerbaijan, not many exports flow out of the region. Revolutions make the headlines on their own terms continues below the horizon of the international media.

The shores of Lake Sevan, the oil boomtown of Baku, the lush church-studded hills of Georgia, knots of guarded mountain valleys: the Caucasus is its own world. This is an extraordinary ride out from mass tourism into a Eurasian mosaic of cultures and hospitality.

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