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Tbilisi Mall

A new, biggest shopping center in Georgia, Tbilisi Mall, which is located on the outskirt of Tbilisi - Didi Digomi, has just been opened. It will attract consumers of all tastes and ages, as it will be featuring together with the numerous shops, café-restaurants, kids and adult entertainment centers, cinema with 5 cinema halls, swimming pools etc. Furthermore, there is a parking area for up to 3200 cars in the underground parking. Famous world-class brands are exclusively introduced in this shopping center: Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, Oysho, Gap, Banana Republic, Topshop/Topman, NewLook, Carrefour -operator of the international hypermarket chain, and many other.

At the moment, only following shops are functioning: Bershka, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, New Look, La senza, Aldo, Pull & Bear, Charles & Keith, Oysho, U.s. Polo Assn, La vie en rose, Steve Madden, Lipsy.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h.


This famous brand of Spanish group INDITEX is located in the shopping center on two levels. At the first one, you can find a good selection of women's clothing for reasonable prices: shoes, bags, dresses, accessories, jackets etc. The children's clothes: dresses, pants, shoes etc. and men's clothes: jeans, shoes, jackets, shirts etc, of casual and classic styles are available on the second floor of the shopping center. Prices are moderate: dress: from 28 euro, women's blouse: 23 euro, jeans: 37 euro, children's shoes: 21 euro, man's trousers: 42 euro etc. You can also check out the prices for Tbilisi on ZARA's official website on which Georgia is presented and almost all the collections are available there.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h.


Another brand which belongs to the Spanish group INDITEX - Bershka is placed in Tbilisi Mall's principal hall. The women's clothes as well as men's and children's are available in the store. There is a good selection of dresses, blouses, shoes, jeans, t-shirts etc. Prices are reasonable - cheaper than at Zara: skirt: from 19 euro, jacket: 37 euro, shoes: 56 euro, jeans: 23 euro, t-shirts: 12 euro etc...

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h


The third brand of the Spanish group INDITEX is also available in the mall on the first level, in a small boutique. There is a smaller choice of women's clothes, shoes and bags. Prices for shoes are from 42 euro, classic trousers: 42 euro, dress: 37 euro, bag: 42 euro, t-shirt: 18 euro.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h

Pull & Bear

The Spanish brand Pull & Bear, which also belongs to the group INDITEX is located on the first level in Tbilisi Mall. In the store you will discover the clothes and shoes for women as well as for men. Prices: men sneakers: 42 euro, men jeans: 28 euro, men t-shirts: 21 euro, women blouses: 28 euro, women bags: 33 euro, women jackets: 56 euro.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h


This Spanish brand also belongs to the group INDITEX. You can find this shop in the main hall of the shopping centre. There are only underwear and pajamas for women in this store and everything for affordable prices. Prices for pajamas: from 12 to 24 euro, lingerie: from 7 euro.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h


The famous women and men shoes retailer, a Canadian brand Aldo is located on the first level of the shopping centre. Prices for high-heeled shoes are about 60 euro, the bags: from 38 euro, the earrings:  9 euro, man shoes: 47 euro, men watches: 28 euro.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h

La Senza

This Canadian brand is from now available on the first level of Tbilisi Mall. Here, women can make purchases of lingerie, robes, and pajamas. Regarding prices, they are higher than in Oysho. Prices for lingerie are from 26 euro, pajamas: 37 euro.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h

Charles & Keith

Famous Singaporean brand Charles & Keith is located on first level of shopping centre. This brand has a good choice of women & men bags, accessories, glasses. Prices for flat shoes: from 42 euro to 47 euro, shoes with high heels: from 52 euro, bags from 47 euro to 89 euro, purses: 28 euro to 47 euro, glasses: from 33 euro to 47 euro, bracelets: 14 euro.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h

New Look

In the main hall of the shopping centre you can also find the English brand New Look. This store provides only the women's collection for moderate prices: clothing, accessories, bags, shoes and lingerie. Prices for t-shirts are about 14 euro, bags: 29 euro, high-heeled shoes for 37 euro, 27 euro for classic trousers.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h

U. S. Polo Assn.

The official mark of U.S.A. Polo Association, U.S. Polo Assn. is presented in Tbilisi Mall on the first level. Here you can find clothing for men, women and children. There is a good choice of t-shirts, jeans and sportive trousers. Regarding prices, they are relatively high. The men t-shirts: from 28 euro, men jeans: from 79 euro to 107 euro, men pullovers: from 87 euro to 107 euro, kids (girls) t-shirts: 37 euro, kids (girls) jeans: 60 euro, kids (boys) t-shirts: 26 euro, women jeans: from 79 euro to 112 euro.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h

La vie en rose

Lingerie, pajamas and slippers are available in this store of French brand La vie en rose. It is located on the first level of the shopping centre. Here you can find lingerie and pajamas at different prices: from 7 euro to 70 euro.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h


The English brand Lipsy, also known as Lipsy London, specializes in evening dresses. You can also discover this boutique on the first level of Tbilisi Mall. Prices for the dresses are from 140 euro.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h

Steve Madden

American brand Steve Madden which specializes in bags and shoes for women as well as for men is presented on the first level of Tbilisi Mall. Prices are affordable: high-heeled shoes are available from 47 euro, the bags: from 47 euro.

Aghmashenebeli Avenue 16th km. Open from 10h to 22 h

Zara outlet

You can visit Zara outlet store on the second level of the Axis shopping centre. The store has a really good clothing selection of old collections of Zara, however the price are not adequate to the quality of collections. The prices in Zara outlet are unexpectedly high: Jeans: 37 euro, blouse: 42 euro, shoes: 56 euro.

Al. Kazbegi Avenue 24. Open from 11h to 20h.

River Island

You can find the famous English brand River Island, in the district of Saburtalo. The store is located on two levels. On the first one, you will discover women's clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. On the second floor clothes, shoes and accessories for men as well as for children are presented. There is a really good choice of t-shirts, dresses, jeans, pants, bags and jackets for casual or classic styles. Any type of consumer can afford himself to buy something at River Island due to the prices which are really reasonable. There is the possibility to buy the dress from 25 euro to 78 euro, t-shirts: from 9 euro to 23 euro, shoes: from14 euro to 117 euro, bags from 21 euro to 117 euro, jewelry: from 4 euro to 21 euro, men jeans: from 30 euro, men t-shirt: from 26 euro, children dress: from 26 euro.

Pekini Street 4. Open from 10h to 22h.




One of the largest and glorious French restaurants Buddha-Bar is now in Tbilisi. Now the citizens and the visitors of Tbilisi can also enjoy the totally unusual and dreamlike atmosphere, where they feel themselves out of the everyday life.  Buddha-Bar is an upscale brand restaurant, incorporating the elements of the Asian exotic culture with the state-of-the-art European trends.  Music at Buddha-Bar has a substantial influence on the overall ambience of the venue. Famous Buddha-Bar DJs are fulfilling the atmosphere with incredible sensation and harmony. The menu at Buddha-Bar reflects the art of culinary. Here you can find abundance of the sea delicacies, along with the exquisite French desserts and signature dishes specially created for your pleasure. This bar is located on two levels: on the first one there is the restaurant, a staircase will take you to the level beneath. Here, huge statue of Buda is located in front of stairs. Regarding the prices, they are quite affordable: “Family Style Dinner” for 4 persons: 21 euro per person, five spices barbecue chicken: 7 euro, assortment of kushiyaki (chicken, pork and beef): 9 euros, glass of wine Tsinandali: 3.30 euro, mojito: 6.55 euro, Buddha-bar cocktails:  Pineapple Spicy: 4.20 euro. Buddha-Bar Tbilisi is the 15th Buddha-Bar worldwide. We recommend you to book tables in advance.


Book Corner

This café in the private house with a small courtyard which is situated in Vera district really deserves your attention. Book corner is very cozy due to its very creative, retro decoration: each ply and luster are different from one-another. Books play an important role of the interior; they are used for decoration of chandeliers or for putting the napkins in them. Moreover, you can discover the paintings of contemporary Georgian artists on the walls of the café. The Georgian groups, which play instrumental music and sometimes DJs, are here to entertain you every weekend. In addition, the poetry and literature evenings which are also held in this café, is a big advantage of this place. The menu is mixed, very gastronomical and all in affordable prices. Here are some of them: salad "Cesar": 7 euro, the potatoes in the Mexican style: 3 euro, chicken soup: 3.5 euro, coffee: from 1.40 euro, tea: 1.40 euro, glass of whiskey: 3.80 euro, glass of wine: 2.80 euro.

Tarkhnishvili Street 13b. Open daily from 11:00h till the last guest leaves.



You can visit a little, cozy café Althaus in the old district of Sololaki. Here the furniture and walls are white, that’s why it is also known as a "white café". As it offers a good choice of tea Althaus, this café is a real discovery for the amateurs of good tea. Quiet and sometimes classical music, nice interior, Wi-Fi Internet enable you to spend your free time well. Here are some prices: a kettle of tea for 3 persons: 2.35 euro, cold tea: 2.10 euro, sandwich with cheese and bacon: 2.80 euro, spaghetti with cheese and bacon: 4.40 euros, cappuccino: 1.65 euro, Khatchapuri : 2.35 euro. There are also a breakfast and lunch menus. The price for breakfast: 3.75 euro, lunch: 4.65 euro.

Lermontovi Street 1. Open daily from 9:00h to midnight.



The interior of the cafe, located in the district Vera, is original and interesting.  Sound amplifiers here are being used instead of the chairs, an old sewing machine as the bottom of the table; the walls are decorated with the photos of Hitchcock’s, Milos Forman’s, Michelangelo Antonioni’s, Woody Allen’s famous movies. Georgian band plays jazz music every Friday and Saturday which makes Amarcord a nice place to spend your evening. Prices are: vegetable salad: 1.90 euro, the potatoes in the Mexican style: 2.35 euro, a bottle of wine Tsinandali: 10.25 euro, beer from 1.40 euro.

Janashia Street 8. Open daily from 11:00h till last guest leaves.


My Space

This new cafe with two halls, decorated in red and white colors is situated in the city centre in district Vake. Every Friday and Saturday you can listen to live piano and saxophone music which creates the comfortable atmosphere. However, the service is slow and the food which is quite expensive is not gastronomical. Here are some prices: Salad "Cesar": 7 euro, chicken toast: 3.30 euro, tiramisu: 3.30 euro, tea: 3.30 euro, coffee "Americano": 2.35 euro, glass of wine Khvantchkara: 4.70 euro, cocktail "Long Island": 9.35 euro, mojito: 7 euro.

Abashidze Street 22. Open daily from 10:00 till last guest leaves.



This bar in the center of Tbilisi, district Mtatsminda is an ideal place for amateurs of beer, live music and football. Here, every evening - from Wednesday to Sunday, the Georgian bands play live music on saxophone, bass and piano. During the football championships, you can watch the game in front of the big monitor. There is not a big variety of choice of the dishes in the menu which is rather European, however the food is really gastronomical and costs an affordable price - beer from 1.40 euro, glass of vodka: 1.15 euro, coffee "espresso": 1.40 euro, vegetable salad: 2.55 euro, tomato soup: 2.10 euro, spaghetti: 5.15 euro, ice-cream: 2.35 euro.

Griboedovi Street 14. Open daily from 12h to 24h.



This new beer restaurant in Vake district really deserves your attention, especially if you are the amateur of the German beer - Warsteiner. The restaurant, which has one hall and one VIP room, is almost always full of Georgians as well as foreigners, especially during the football championships. There is also wide range of dishes, which are very delicious. Here are some prices: beer Warsteiner (0.4l): 2.35 euro, vodka Grey Goose: 6 euro, cognac Hennessy: 5.15 euro, mojito: 7 euro, Bavarian sausage: 5 euro, the special dish Warsteiner: 14 euro, meat salad: 6 euro. It would be better to book tables in advance.

Abashidze Street 9. Open daily from 11:00 to 2:00.


By Night



Café-Gallery which is situated on the Rustaveli Avenue on two floors is a café with terrace by day and club by night. During the day, you can visit this café for meeting friends, spending your free time at the computer or tasting the mixed cuisine. Due to its big space, it is a great place to have a fun at night. Georgian DJs and bends playing electronic as well as alternative music are here to amuse you from Thursday to Sunday throughout the night. Besides, you can tell the difference of Café-gallery from others by its interior of mixed modern art and retro styles: there are the paintings on the walls, decorated menus and furniture of old style. In addition, Café-Gallery is popular among the informal youth and homosexuals. Regarding prices, they are really affordable: Pizza from 3.5 euro, vegetable salad: 3 euro, spaghetti: 6 euro, sandwich with cheese and bacon: 1.60 euro, cappuccino: 2.40 euro, a bottle of wine Saperavi: 12 euro, beer: from 1.70 euro, cocktails: from 3.50 euro.

Rustaveli Avenue 48. Open from 9:00h till last guest leaves.


Local Area Network Mojito Lounge

Tabidze Street has become an important place of Tbilisi nightlife. A new small lounge-bar on two levels Local Area Network Mojito Lounge is located in this area. If you are an amateur of electronic music and live music, then this place is ideal for you. From Thursday to Sunday, DJs and sometimes special guests are performing here. From Monday, to Wednesday – Georgian musicians are playing instrumental music. That’s why, people of different tastes and ages can entertain themselves in this lounge-bar. The menu is European, with a good selection of dishes, but the prices are relatively high. Vegetable soup: 6.50 euro, chicken salad: 4.70 euro, Spaghetti Carbonara: 7 euro, pizza Margherita: from 7 euro, ice-cream: 3.25 euro, glass of wine Tsinandali: 3.25 euro, beer from 2.35 euro, mojito 200ml: 8.40 euro, mango mojito 200ml: 9.30 euro, cocktail skyline: 6.50 euro, vodka with red bull: 5.60 euro. It would be better to book tables in advance.

Tabidze Street 3/5. Open daily from 14: 00h till last guest leaves.


Mezzo Tbilisi Lounge bar

This new place on Shardeni street, centre of Tbilisi nightlife and famous for its cafes and bars, is located on four levels, however the second floor is still on repair works. DJs and different Georgian bands are playing here each night on the parties for Georgian and foreign youth. During the summer all the events take place on the roof of the building where one can enjoy the breathtaking views of the city. Prices are relatively high: mojito: 6.10 euro, vodka with redbull: 6.10 euro, screwdriver: 2.80 euro, beer: from 2.80 euro, salad “cesar” with the shrimps: 10.50 euro.

Bamba Street 8. Open daily from 18:0 till last guest leaves.



Shangri La

This new luxury casino Shangri La is located in the old district of Tbilisi, on the right bank of the river Mtkvari, near to the Peace Bridge. In the casino, the amateurs have access to a whole range of casino games: American roulette, poker, blackjack, electronic roulette, slot machines. Ambient lighting, professional and friendly staff, soft music create a good atmosphere. A discreet but well trained security service will ensure your security whilst you relax in good company thus allowing you to escape from your daily routine.

River Mtkvari Right Embankment (Bridge of Peace). Open daily 24/24.




Light House

A small hotel Light House is located in the city centre - the district Vera. There are four floors and 7 rooms well-furnished and well-equipped with the bathroom, TV, telephone, Wi-Fi Internet and air conditioning. Furthermore, all rooms have balcony. The prices: 46 euro for a double room BB, and 67 euro for a deluxe room BB. Please contact Promethea-Voyages for booking.

Shanidze Street 34. Tel: 2290 399



This hotel which is located on the outskirts of Tbilisi has 36 rooms on 7 floors. The rooms are quite large, comfortable, equipped with bathrooms, TV, Wi-Fi Internet, air conditioning and telephone. There are 10 single rooms (31 euro), 21 double rooms (38 euro), 2 deluxe rooms (46 euro) and 3 luxes (61 euro). These prices include breakfast. Besides, the hotel has a bar-restaurant and a conference room for 150 people. Please contact Promethea-Voyages for booking.

End of Guramishvili Avenue. Tel: 265 45 35, 265 45 55.


Maria Tours & Hostel

Maria tours & hostel is located in the center of Tbilisi, on the Liberty Square, in close proximity of all major tourist destinations. This hostel is clean, safe, well- arranged and can accommodate 42 people. Hostel offers separate rooms, a common room for 8 people as well as a private room for 3 people (38 euro) with TV, mini-bar, Wi-Fi Internet. Furthermore, a hostel has Wi-Fi Internet in every room and TV in the lobby. Prices per person in the rooms which are separated by partitions: 17 euro, in the common room: 12 euro. The price includes hot and cold drinks (free coffee and tea), kitchen facilities, towel, slippers and shampoo. Please contact Promethea-Voyages for booking.

#4 Liberty square. Tel: 292 2410.


Star Hostel

This B & B hostel is located in the old district, in close proximity to the all important historic monuments of Tbilisi and a 5 minutes walk to Liberty square. The hostel has a small, cozy lobby equipped with a bar and TV. It can accommodate 16 people: 12 people in common rooms and 4 people in a private room. There is a bathroom in each room. Prices in shared room per person: 12 euro, the private room for 4 people: 45 euro. The price includes a small breakfast, hot drinks, towels. Please contact Promethea-Voyages for booking.

Verckhlis street 45. Tel: 299 50 99.


Cultural life


The second festival Oxygen-O2

After the success of the first festival, held in June 2011, the organizers of "Oxygen-O2" Lasha Gogniashvili, Djamel Mahmoudi, the society “Air theatre” and the theatre of Velistsikhe have decided to repeat this experience by setting a program of a new festival not for only Kakheti’s growing public, but also for those who come from all over Georgia.

This festival offers the traditional and contemporary dances, eclectic music, theater and open-air film screenings.

The participants of this festival are: Pavle Nozadze with his show "Chemi Golgotha‚Äč‚Äč"; a storyteller, musician and writer Laureline Koenig (France - Armenia); the Compagnie Caravanes of Lardé Martin and Celine Laurent (France); ethno-musical band Lejavebi-Detsishi; musician Niaz Diasamidze; singer Lela Tataraidze; the French group "Les Poissons Travellers"; traditional Georgian dances (Kakheti - Gurdjaani); a dancer which specializes in physical theater Nadja Rothenburger (Berlin) and the expected participants-acrobats, musicians, travelers: the famous French group Lo'Jo.

From 27 June to 1 July, in Velistsikhe, Gurdjaani.




International Exhibitions

Here are the important exhibitions in Tbilisi:

  • Business Development Exhibition: 4-6  October
  • ElcomCaucasus: 26-28 October
  • Tbilisi International Auto Show: 19-21 October.
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