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Map of Caucasus

Long history of Armenia includes forming Urartian state dating back to VII century BC, which later gave the commencement to formation of Armenian state. Erebun, nowadays known as Erevan - the capital of Armenia was built in the 7th century BC, proved by the inscriptions of stone boulders found during archaeological digs.  The country, famous for its historical and archaeological monuments, is one of the first one in the world adopting Christianity at the beginning of the 4th century AD. That's why there are hundreds of churches and temples. Built in the 4th century, Etchmiadzin represents one of the oldest Christian churches in the world. Over there one can see the ruins of church Zvartnoci (7th century) and go trekking to mountains, where the ruins of remarkable church Garna are located, dated back to the 1st century. On your way, you can also visit cave monastery Gegarti (12th century).  Bunch of sightseeing is waiting for you in Armenia, all full of everlasting impression.

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