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Map of Caucasus

Georgia - it is a land of contrasts at the crossroads of East and West. From early Georgians living in shadows of the mighty Caucasus Mountain to the events of 21th centuries, Georgia has an amazing story to tell. For thousands of years cultural and architectural legacy you visit, will be captured a place in your heart forever! Read more
Explore a rich culture and history of Georgia evolved over thousands of years. This tour will give you an enchanting vision of the country, ancient monuments, finest examples of Christian architecture, UNESCO World heritage, cave towns, small charming cities, the natural wonders, genuineness of the hospitality you receive no matter where you travel and stay in Georgia! Read more
At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia is a combination of uniqueness and diversity. Although a small country, you can find here the Caucasus Mountain range, curative climate and mineral waters, UNESCO heritage sights, ancient history, diverse culture and traditions, delicious cuisine, rich wine culture and world-famous Georgian hospitality! Read more
Georgia is one of the oldest countries in the world, proud for its historical background and ancient Christian culture. Georgia is interesting for its historical and cultural sites dated from BC period to XXI century, famous for its viticulture and wine-making, is a country of myths and legends! Read more
Georgia is a country of Golden Fleece. Strabo (I BC) in his stories mentions that Svans, who are famous for their braveness and strength, controlled the area above Dioskuria (Sokhumi). Svans are famous for their golden fleece. In Svaneti rivers bring down gold which is mainly collected by hoppers and hairy leathers. Lots of streams bring down invisible sand with gold. People living around put leathers in the stream to precipitate some gold. Ayety’s golden Fleece was one of them. Read more
Georgia is considered to be one of the first countries of wine-making. The stem of a Georgian word “gvino” (wine) is used in many European and Asian languages to express the same word. Archaeologists discovered many antique ceramic things used for wine-making. In one of the pitchers grape stones were discovered dating back to AD 5000. In Kakheti up to 500 species of grapes can be identified enabling farmers to produce various types of wine. Read more
Georgia is a country of mountains, varied landscapes and colorful nature, alpine and sub-alpine grasslands, fresh and mineral springs, cave and chasms, steppes, semi-deserts, all in harmony with antique architecture, hill-top churches. These will make your stay in Georgia unforgettable and remain in memories as the best moments of your life. Read more
Svaneti is located on the southern slopes of the Central Caucasus in the Black Sea basin and is the highest inhabited area in the Europe. Svaneti is the “Pearl and Pride of Georgia,” a land of legends, where mountains and people are indivisibles and live with the noble life of Caucasian knights, where the towers stand as a symbol of Svaneti’s eternal freedom and unimaginable beauty Read more
Tusheti is a mountain region located to the north-west part of Georgia. Largely untouched by much of 21th century, Tusheti is a huge draw of anyone wanting to find superb scenery, ancient culture characterized by large stone towers, lifestyle of local people and lively festivals. Hidden deep in Caucasus Mountains, the region's villages cling to dazzlingly steep slopes that are as picturesque as they are precarious. Tusheti is perfect for trekking and horse riding! Read more
Khevsureti is a historical-ethnographic region in eastern Georgia located along both the northern and southern slopes of the Great Caucasus Mountains. As other mountainous areas of Georgia, Khevsureti is characterized by a great diversity of traditions and customs. The architecture of Khevsureti is mostly characterized as fortress style and numbers of towers are located in the mountains as a sign of constant watchfulness of their enemies. Khevsureti is a great place for trekking. Read more
The tour offers you traveling in 2 countries of transcaucasia in the south of the Caucasus: Armenia and Georgia. They have in common colorful historical backgrounds, big number of historical cites, fascinating landscapes, myths and legends and special hospitality typical in Caucasia.The tour starts in Armenia, from a country to be the first to accept Christianity in 301. You’ll have an opportunity of visiting impressing Christian churches, a museum of old manuscripts as well as ruins of Erebuni .. Read more
The tour offers you traveling in 3 countries of Transcaucasia in the south of the Caucasus: Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. They have in common colorful historical background, big number of historical sites, fascinating landscapes, myths and legends and special Caucasian hospitality. Armenia - a country to be the first to convert to Christianity in 301, impressing churches, a museum of old manuscripts and confirming the existence of antique Erebun state there in IX BC. Georgia – country of myth.. Read more
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